• Application

    SonFill uses specially designed volumetric delivery units for product placement. There is no waste because the actual amount of material necessary is proportioned and mixed at the job site.

  • Saves Time - Saves Money

    SonFill products begin to set up in approximately 20-30 minutes, and can be paved over in a minimum of 90 minutes, which makes an ideal fill material for various types of excavations such as roadway cuts. Its strength gain varies from 150 psi to 5,000 psi depending on the mix design.

  • variety of Applications

    SonFill products can be easily poured into voids that are inaccessible to granular fill materials; washouts under concrete streets or sidewalks, underground storage tanks and roadway cuts.

  • Other Highlights

    Coal combustion products preserve land otherwise used for disposal.

    Conserve natural resources as the need to extract virgin materials is eliminated.

    Reduce greenhouse gas production.